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Fire Series

Burning (2006)
Material: Birdeye Bluegum, Acrylic Paint
Size: 470x150 diam
The flame-shaped birds eyes pointed the way for this pieces.
Extra carving and torching justified the name given.
Burning detail
Out of the Fire (2007)
Material: Jarrah
Size: 550x140 diam
One thing leads to another, same theme as the previous piece. Bit extra carving and torching.
Charred Remains (2008)
Material: Marri
Size: 410x170 diam
Though a completely different design still very much preoccupied with torching.
After the Fire (2008)
Material: Jarrah
Size: 510x170 diam
New growth after the fire. Design a progression from "Out of the Fire" piece.
Marysville Trio 2009
On Saturday, the 7th of February, aptly called "Black Saturday", bushfires swept across Victoria, Australia, which resulted in Australia's highest ever loss of life from a bushfire; 173 people died and 414 were injured as a result of the fires.
The small hamlet of Marysville was all but destroyed with only 14 of the 400 buildings left standing.
Marysville - Devastation
Material: Tasmanian Blackwood
Size: 400x40
The devastation in property was horrendous.
Marysville - Vale of Tears
Material: Birdseye Bluegum
Size: 370 x 165
The mental anguish beyond comprehension.
Marysville - New Life
Material: Marri
Size: 460 x 155
But there’s always the future, the forest springing to new life after the fire.
Afterglow (2010)
Material: Tasmanian Birdseye Bluegum
Size: 175 x 195diam
Glowing Embers (2011)
Material: Birdseye Bluegum
Size: 500 x 125
Base is a found, completely charred, strongly fissured piece of wood. This was soaked in cyanoacrylate to stabilise it. Red paint added for extra effect.
Devastation, Kelmscott-Roleystone (2011)
Material: Italian Cyprus
Size: 600 x 200
On the 6th of February 2011 a bushfire in our shire destroyed 72 homes, thankfully no lives were lost.
This piece was torched and lightly sandblasted
Wildfire (2011)
Material: Sheoak
Size: 830 x 240diam.
Flow-on from the previous design.
Because of its height this piece was hollowed from both ends with the bottom plug grain-matched.

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