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Seedpod Series

Various Seedpods "God's creation; an inspirational treasure-chest"
Seedpod (2000)
Turned, carved, textured and stained
material: Quilted Jarrah
size: 250x240
Rolly Munro requested some pre-turned shapes for his local demo, I scored this left over piece. As it had large open cracks I had to make use of them. Result? my first seedpod. Thank you Rolly!
Seedpod Poha (2001)
Turned and carved
material: Sheoak
size: 125x105
Several designs further brings us to the "Poha", the first design with a stalk.
Seedpod Poha (2001)
Turned and carved
material: Sheoak
size: 125x105, 115x84
Our Sheoak is dense and very stable, well liked by woodturners. It's not related to the northern hemisphere oak.
Tripod Poha (2001)
Turned and carved
material: Sheoak
size: medium piece 125x105
Three pods, what other name to give it than "Tripod". The first of the Tripod Series.
Tripod mk2 (2002)
Turned and carved
material: Lace Sheoak
size: medium piece 120x65
This design is inspired by a seedpod, I've yet to find it's name. The real thing inspires most of my designs. I'm always on the look out for photos of interesting seedpods.
Tripod mk3 (2002)
Turned and carved
material: Lace Sheoak
size: medium piece 150x75
For some obscure reason our Sheoak will react differently to the norm in some areas, the result is the rather rare and beautiful Lace Sheoak.
Tripod Nigella (2004)
Turned and carved
material: Sheoak, paint
size: medium piece 169x95 diam
Inspired by Nigella seedpod.
Tripod Nigella detail
Seedpod Nigella (2004)
Turned and carved
material: Lace Sheoak, paint
size: 95x55
The pod is joined onto the driftwood. Acrylic paint was used to hide the transition.
Seedpod Nigella detail Don't ask how long it took to get the stalk right.
Nigella (2005)
material: Sugar Gum
size: 230x130 diam
Same design, taken to the next step.
Nigella detail
Seedpod Hakea (2002)
Turned, carved and ebonised
material: Sheoak
size: 200x90
This pod was turned on two centres. The texturing and darkening of the outside draws attention to the natural interior.
Seedpod Andromeda (2003)
Turned and carved
material: Lace Sheoak, Acrylic Paint
size: 150x75
Note the pretty figure of the Lace Sheoak. Though rather costly an excellent choice for this type of work.
Pod'n'Box Andromeda (2003)
Turned and carved
material: Lace Sheoak, Acrylic Paint
size: 150x75
A pair of pods, one opened and hollowed, the other in the closed position and made into a box.
Seedpod Box Hoku (2003)
Turned, carved and ebonised
material: Sheoak
size: 180x70
"Hoku", meaning Star. Again the interior standing out because of the treatment given to the exterior.
Seedpod Trilium (2006)
Turned and carved
material: Lace Sheoak
size: 90x60diam
A Trilium is a three petalled flower. This gave the inspiration for the podís opening as well as the name for the piece
Trilium detail
Seedpod Fuchsia Gum (2007)
material: Lace Sheoak
size: 120x60
A shape in nature inspired most of the other pods, be it a pod, nut or flower. This piece however is a realistic copy of a "Fuchsia Gumnut".
Hakea (2008)
material: Sheoak
size: 100x75x200
The second Hakea seedpod, this design is more contemporary than its predecessor.
Trinitas (2009)
Material: Sheoak, Cultured Pearls
Size: 170x70
A design progression from the Trillium Pod
See step-by-step article.
Physalis (2011)
Material: Rock Maple
Size: 75 x 50diam
This piece is inspired by the Cape Goose-berry, genus Physalis.
Two pieces were glued together with a paper joint, the shape turned, facets carved after which the piece was split on the paper joint. The centre was carved out to 1mm thickness then perforated. Before the two halves were joined together the "berry" was turned and attached with a thin bamboo dowel which protruded to allow the stalk to be attached.
Tricuspis (2012) Flow-on from Trinitas design.
Same techniques used for the texturing.
Attached to a piece of driftwood, the joint camouflaged with stain and paint.
Angophora costata
Material: Lace Sheoak
Size: 130 x 90w x 60h
This and the following pod are copies of actual seedpods. The pods were turned on two centres and then carved.
The leaves were carved separately as was the stalk section.
The base is torched and wire-brushed Jarrah burl.
Bamboo dowels hold the piece and base together
Corymbia calophylla
Material: Lace Sheoak
Size: 160 x 110w x 60h

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