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Gumnut Series
The Gumnut Series is a progression from the Foliage Series. Inspiration is drawn from the huge variety of Australian gumtrees and their seedpods.

The adding of the gumnuts or seedpods does mean that whilst turning the shape, allowance has to be made for the planned for seed pods. This is done by leaving raised "collars" at the required levels. Once the pods are roughed out the rest is carved away.
Material: Jarrah
Size (L to R): 220mm x 145mm diam, 145mm x 160mm diam, 230mm x 170mm diam
Material: Jarrah
Size: 250mm x 190mm diam
Eucalyptus Silver Princess
Material: Jarrah
Size: 300mm x 190mm diam
Lemon-scented Gum
Material: Jarrah
Size: 240mm x 190mm diam
Fuchsia Gum
Material: Jarrah
Size: 220mm x 180mm diam
Sugar Gum
Material: Jarrah
Size: 140mm x 165mm diam
Bell-fruited Mallee
Material: Sheoak
Size: 230mm x 165mmdiam
Fuchsia Gum
Material: Tasmanian Blackwood
Size: 160mm x 165mm diam
Round-leaved Mallee
Material: Jarrah
Size: 210mm x 190mm diam

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